Reflections from Cape Spear

My journey is complete. On the afternoon of August 14, 2016 I arrived at Cape Spear. A cool overcast sky and the passing interest of other tourists were my witnesses. I enjoyed that anonymity as I made my way to the lookout. To reflect on what was experienced and accomplished.

I was struck by the very ordinary feeling of having just traversed the continent. Yes there was feelings of joy and a sense accomplishment but also lingering questions. Could I have done it faster? Cheaper? Could I have worked harder to connect with more people in more cities? Was I successful?

The answer to those questions became less important as I gradually came to reflect on why I had decided to make this trip in the first place.

Intention is the starting place of our agency in the world and my intention came from a desire to do something good for myself and the planet. There's a peace that comes from accepting that once you've set your intention the world will do as it does.

How rich is the learning that comes from that?

My sincere thanks go out to my friends and family for their support and encouragement, to everyone who sheltered and fed me, to those who shared their story and made time to connect, and to the countless drivers who made the effort to share the road.

Bonjour Quebec

When I started this trip I had my doubts. Could I even make it across the Rockies? What would people think if I quit?

Now that I'm in Quebec I feel different. Less concerned with the destination and more in tune with the journey.

Quebec is lovely. Small town churches dot the Saint Lawrence, their silver spires gleaming under the sun. Montreal and Quebec blend street life within and between buildings both ancient and modern. Everywhere the sticky heat of summer invites you to take it slow.

With more more miles behind than ahead of me now, it feels more important than ever to savour the journey.  

On to Ontario

Well my tour of the prairies is coming to an end. I'm in Winnipeg this morning and just getting packed up to hit the road.  

Yesterday I had the chance to resupply for the wilds of northern Ontario. Did you know that bear spray comes in two varieties:  black bear regular and grizzly bear super-sized? It does. I went XL.

I also took time off the bike to visit the Museum of Human Rights. Wow.

Life on the bike has been pretty good so far. My body is holding up (mostly) and everyday I find myself thankful for taking this chance to discover and grow.

Museum of Human Rights

Museum of Human Rights

Rocky Mountain Ride

The Rocky Mountains. They offer spectacular scenery and challenging conditions in equal measure. My ride from Revelstoke to Calgary left me exhausted, sore and happy. It feels amazing to have crossed the Rockies by bike but from the tardiness of this blog post you can probably tell I wasn't finding much energy in the evenings for posting. I've driven through the Rockies numerous times but experiencing the Rockies from the seat of a bike was somehow different. Vistas lasted longer. The passage of time became more elusive. 

After a good rest and visit with friends in Calgary, I'm now off to start my tour of the prairies. A big thank you to my good friend Peter for letting me stay with him. Pete - your generous hospitality always makes me feel welcome.


BC Interior

I've been picking my way through the interior of BC for a couple of days now. Time and distance are funny things when you're biking. Sometimes one or both will compress and you'll find yourself a half days journey ahead of schedule. Other times a short distance will stretch itself out.  

I'm in Salmon Arm this morning and will be trying for Revelstoke today. The last couple of days have been soggy. Riding in the rain is of course to be expected but that doesn't make it suck less. So here's to hoping, time and distance will compress on this leg.

Update - Nope! I've pulled into Sicamous for the day. Soaked through and chilly. I'll hold up here for the day and try to push forward tomorrow.


The Ride So Far

I'm in Hope this evening and tomorrow I'll set off to ride the first half of the Coquihalla. This is a fairly substantial change from my original route that I took as gospel from the Bike Across Canada website.

Lucky for me I've been in contact with some of the other folks making the ride this year. Big thank you to Rachel and Andrew who are riding in support of Water Aid and got me pointed in the right direction.

On the road from Mission to Hope. 

On the road from Mission to Hope. 

The Journey Begins!

I started today with a strong cup of coffee brewed up by the locals at the Victoria HI hostel. A welcome remedy after a noisy night filled with street revellers and snoring bunk mates.

Mom and Dad saw me off at mile zero. I took a minute to dip a tire in the ocean and say a prayer.

Looking west across the strait. 

Looking west across the strait. 

Victoria Here I Come

I'll be leaving Gabriola, the official mile 0 of the unofficial west coast route, Saturday morning. Excited to get on the road but also really happy to have had time to visit with family and learn more about the neat sustainability projects happening here.

Check out the spark page for my tour of the Commons with Judith Roux.

Victoria ETA May 15