May 15 - August 14, 2016


  • Ride safe and enjoy the journey.

  • Connect with the people that are making our communities great.

  • Raise awareness by showcasing sustainable and resilient community projects. 

Good to Know

  • May 15 - august 14

  • +8,000 Kilometres

  • 53,429 metres up

  • 53,332 metres down

  • 400 Hours

  • 10 provinces

  • 3 million heart beats

  • 1.7 million pedal strokes 



My name is Patrick Arnell. I'm an environmental consultant and urban sustainability specialist who until recently was living and working in Calgary, Alberta. 

Five years ago I was incredibly fortunate to be accepted into Oxford's MSc program for Sustainable Urban Development. I learned a ton but the biggest take away for me was that our towns and cities represent the most meaningful scale for tackling the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Why? Two reasons: 

  1. The connection to our towns and cities is immediate and meaningful. The result is that we can both see and participate in changes that would otherwise feel vaguely abstract. Stopping global warming is an issue that's just too big for us to connect with, yet biking and walking instead of taking the car are simple things most of us can do.  
  2. Cities globally are major consumers of our natural resources and major contributors to pollution. That challenge represents an opportunity. If we make our communities more sustainable we can expect to see positive impacts for people and the planet.     

I'm excited and a bit unnerved at the prospect of riding my bike across Canada. While I'm no couch potato, I'm also not some hard-core bike guy. I'm just an average bike rider who's been building up his endurance and breaking in his saddle for the adventure ahead. 

To learn more about my personal experiences along the ride, check-out my blog.

- Patrick Arnell